Easter antics at Springways!

We kicked off the Easter weekend in style today down at the Springways club! 

Throughout the afternoon we had an Easter egg hunt that saw everyone hunting high and low both inside and outside the club for chocolate eggs, bunnies and carrots! 

It was fantastic to see so many faces at the club today and all getting involved in both the hunt and all the other activities we had going on. 

Jane even went the extra mile and offered  to be our very own Easter bunny! 

The best part of the hunt was seeing everybody helping eachother to find the hidden treats and making sure that everybody got a share of what was found. 

Mandy was particularly good at finding eggs and was shocked when she found this one hidden that the guys had managed to miss! Well done Mandy! 

After the hunt everyone settled down to our weekly quiz and bingo which saw a couple of great prizes given out to our lucky winners! 

So that’s the end of another action packed week at Springways! Thanks to everyone who’s dropped in for making it such a fun and exciting week. 

Stay tuned for what’s on next week and remember the centre is open as usual on Monday 17th April for free lunch and disco in the den! 

Have a great weekend!

Steve & Sue – Springways 

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