3 winners for Friday!

We had a great turnout for our weekly bingo and quiz this week which saw 3 Winners going home with prizes! 

Well done to Susan who got a line in bingo and Michael B who did the same before going on to win a full house! 

Our third winner was quizmaster Tim! Did anyone else know who Rin Tin Tin was? I certainly didn’t! 

Here are the winners with their prizes! (Sandra’s in there too but all she won today was our hearts! 💕)

As well as this we have some budding magicians in the house with the team here learning some new magic tricks! We were shown some tricks by Dewey and Stuart who amazed us all with the tricks they knew! Steph and Bex learned their first trick today, picked it up quickly and are now a dab hand with a pack of cards 👌 well done all! 

We are planning some magic workshops to kick off in May so if you fancy learning a trick or two then head down to Springways and get practicing! We’d love to see you ☺️

Have a great weekend!

Steve & Sue

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