Bowling 🎳

Great turn out for Bowling today…real nail biting stuff after a slow start.

Star of the Month award for January 2018!

Congratulations to Bev for winning Star of the Month for January! Consistently helpful around the club and in managing the club register, all the members of the club felt Bev deserved a bit of extra recognition for her hard work! Well done Bev!

Bowling Strikes at Bugsys! 🎳

Great turn out at our weekly bowling activity today! Come along and get involved every Monday at 3pm for just £2.50 Look forward to seeing you then 🙂

Magic & Mystery Party today. 

Lots of lovely food at the Mad Hatters Tea PartyJane having fun in her wig & lovely hat that she made in Craft Club.Many played ‘ Hunt the Cheshire Cat.Jamie learns how to do some Card tricks….Practice makes perfect.Two worthy winners of the Best Fancy Dress…well done A touch of magic while making pompoms in The…