Changing Minds has the community at the forefront of our decisions on what projects are most helpful and beneficial.


Projects we would like to see in the future are;

Recovery College – teaching about mental health and wellness.

Social Inclusion Centre – a place to meet new people and gain social skills

Youth Programmes – Helping the younger generations cope with the challenges which face them and giving them the tools to help deal with their own mental health issues.

Family Support – helping families to understand and cope with a family member who are struggling.

Occupation Support – Helping people with mental health issues harness their strengths and provide employment training and work experience.

Art Exhibitions – People with mental health often have extremely creative minds, being able to create an exhibition to display some of the fantastic work inspired by various mental health conditions.

Cafe – A cafe that is managed and ran by individuals recovering with mental health problems in preparation for sustainable employment. We understand the difficulties of returning to employment and would love to facilitate an environment that benefits the whole of the community.

We would love to have your thoughts and opinions on other projects you would like to see.  Please email your suggestions