We are running a series of fundraising events to allow us to offer as many resources to local people as we can. This page is dedicated to showing you our events and what we are up to.

Via this page, you will have the opportunity to join the fun and start helping us raise money for our causes.

See below our past, current and future events! Thanks to everyone involved!

Event list:

DigiDiner Gaming Marathon – 30th June 2019

DigiFest A3 V1 PRINT

KM Charity Team Assault Course – 5th May 2019 

We had three teams battle it out for us on the Assault course at Betteshanger this year! Raising an impressive £2,083!!



Red Nose Day – Friday 15th March 2019

Changing Minds Kent had great fun on Friday with our Comic Relief fundraising day,

Changing Minds Kent had a hula hoop competition which was won by Josh Merry with a winning score of 53 and second place runner up was James Selsby, who knew they had such snake hips.

The most popular competition of the day by far was the nose pong competition where you had to bounce foam red noses into cups of values ranging from 10 -100. This game brought out our competitive nature with people having multiple goes to get that top score!

We had a raffle competition, red nose sweepstake, and 3 members even did a sponsored silence.

To end the day we had the brave Sue and Dewi take an egging for the good cause, they lined up against the wall and members of the club donated to throw some leftover eggs at them. They got covered! Lots of laughter was had by all of us and a very memorable day.

Mental Health has been a prority for Comic Relief’s funding in the UK and that fits in line with what we are trying to achieve here in Thanet, increasing awareness, reducing stigma and discrimination and offering social support for people living in and around Thanet.

Cliftonville West is the 4th most deprived area in the entire country and there is a clear link between social and economic inequalities and mental health problems; In England, people living in the poorest areas will, on average, die seven years earlier than people in the more affluent ones and will spend more of their shorter lives living with a disability, including mental health problems.

It seems nearly everyday we read in the national press a story of someone with mental health problems suffering in silence. We would encourage people to get in touch with us about how they can attend our groups and get involved.

All for a Good Cause

Egg Launch

KM Charity Team KM Colour Run – 10th June 2018


If you would like to join us please enter via the KM charity website, find us under the charity you wish to sponsor and start getting sponsors!

Comedy Night – 31st March 2018



Please contact us if you have any idea’s or suggestions for fundraising events we would love to hear from you.